Thai Massage

This massage I apply is an ancient technique that
comes from Thailand and is used to cure illnesses that have to do with body’s motion and internal discomfort that some illnesses produce.

It’s a great method to eliminate the tensions caused by continuous exercise or daily stress. Different techniques of massage, muscle manipulation, digitopressure and stretching are used for which I use different parts of my body such as my feet, hands and knees. Applying just the right pressure produces relief on our body.

Pressure on problematic areas to produce heat is the basis of Thai massage. The same applies to the feet, which are used
to press larger, denser muscles. In addition to this, the
stretching and positioning to get the treated areas activated.

All these techniques will give us great benefits for perfect muscle and joint health.

Benefits of Thai massage

  • The great benefit of Thai massage is the activation of circulation and blood flow in the treated areas. This will achieve a faster recovery for a good health. By eliminating tension, we can unblock knots and contractures and recover optimal muscle tone.
  • Thai massage won’t only help us to improve our overall health, but will also contribute to the correct joint mobility and elasticity of our body. In addition to this, we will develop body awareness, since thanks to the techniques used we will improve progressively, making us control our body much better.
  • In sports practice, it facilitates the range of movement and the correct execution of the postures in them.
  • It improves the internal energies, and with it the projection at the time of doing exercise, since we will be more energetic and full of force at the time of realizing our training.
  • We must not forget the psychological benefits because this massage will serve us as an effective method of relaxation and an escape valve.
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