Tantric massage

The proposal of tantric massage I offer you consists of
closed sessions stipulated by levels.

The objective is to meet with oneself.

It consists of touching, caressing at a body level to open
memories and energies that may be blocked.

On a daily basis, our energy and attention is directed to
outside and it is through this outside that we know, think and even judge ourselves. With tantric massage, the aim is to create a space for an intimate encounter with oneself from the inside. It is a work that can be scary, so my support.

Why do I need a tantric massage?

To open us up to the conscious experience of receiving without demand. An openness to the existence we are.

These are sessions with proven therapeutic results that translate into an increase in self-esteem, a revision of one’s self-concept and an encounter with the desire to live by rediscovering one’s sexual energy.

This service doesn´t imply any sexual relationship between massageur and client.

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