It’s a technique that involves programming crystals
which will form a structure capable of channelling various positive and balancing vibratory frequencies.

In the session you won´t have to talk or tell me your situation, just relax and enjoy the session that I will carry out with certain quartz crystals and symbols for each chakra.

Adults, children and pregnant women can receive Tameana,
pets and even physical spaces to heal and increase their vibration.

These vibrational frequencies can make profound changes in the structure of the energy field of living beings, generating beneficial results in the short and long term.

More information about Tameana

In the Tameana technique, it is developed in conjunction with subtle planes, which use the portal opened by the crystals to carry out the treatment of energy restructuring.

The techniques I apply consist of using symbols to program the crystals, and a work system that can also be adapted for self-working at home.

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