Reiki is a Sanskrit word that means REI, universal energy and KI, vital energy.

It is a technique of channeling and transmitting vital energy through the laying on of hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance on all levels:

  • Physical: improvement in ailments, injuries, metabolism, etc.
  • Emotional: sentimental problems, aggressiveness, unhappiness, etc.
  • Mental: harmful habits, stress, insomnia, etc.
  • Spiritual: harmony, peace, balance, etc.
  • Reiki acts in depth by going to the root of the problem
    physical or emotional, allowing the emotion or pattern of behavior that has created the imbalance to manifest and be healed.
  • It also helps personal growth and expansion
    of consciousness.

More Reiki advantages

Reiki therapy can be received by all human beings (adults pregnant women, children and babies), including also animals and plants. It´s a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and psychological therapies.

The Reiki method is based on the Hindu belief about the chakras that would explain the health states of human beings. According to this belief, the malfunction or blockage of one or more chakras would be what causes or aggravates poor health leading to disease and disorders.

I, as a therapist, act as a channel for universal energy and my goal is to rebalance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes that have made the patient sick comes to me. It has been officially recognized and recommended by the World Health Organization for its positive results, for example, a Reiki session is highly recommended before and/or after a surgery.

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