Metamorphic massage

The metamorphic massage or metamorphic technique consists on performing light touches on the feet, hands and head in an intuitive way. In these areas it is reflected who we are, our memories and our

The metamorphic technique connects us at the level of consciousness during the nine months we have been developing in the womb, cause is at that time when physical, mental and emotional structure is established, it´s our root. In this way it´s  possible to work with the patient to awaken and release inner energies, their wisdom, memories that have been left behind and thus help heal the body, mind, emotions or spirit.

More information about metamorphic massage

Metamorphic therapy will treat the person from a holistic point of view and not just a particular symptom or problem. It will act
about their energy seeking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.
As a therapist I will maintain an attitude of detachment, without getting involved, but relaxed, aware, receptive and intuitive. Some professionals come to to say that it is possible to apply treatments at a distance, since, when working with energy, as a vibrational technique and space does not limit the connection could achieve. In all cases, each of the treatments must I have a unique and individual perspective and therefore adapt to each person.

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