Yoni massage

The Yoni massage is a massage performed in the female genital area, where the sexual chakra is located.

According to Tantra, this chakra symbolizes the union between mind, spirit and body, so this technique is used to explore the plenitude.

With the Yoni massage you can revitalize and harmonize the body, discover points of pleasure and stay in them to extend the sensations of the senses.

Relax and feel the pleasure leaving aside the pressures that can mean the need to reach sexual climax.

More information about Yoni massage

The orgasm is not something to be neglected during the session. In fact, reaching a climax is normal and even desirable in this type of massage. Moreover, the orgasm during a Yoni massage is usually more satisfying, complete, intense and pleasant.

A wonderful and unforgettable experience you will achieve by connecting your body, your soul and your mind.

Este servicio no implica una relación sexual entre masajista y cliente.

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