Erotic hand to hand massage

The skin to skin massage is one of the massages with which more contact you have with me, it’s a mix between sensitive massage, in which the
purpose is to relieve the psychophysical consequences of stress, and the
relaxing massage in which the nervous system is harmonized.

Is an erotic massage whose main characteristic is the
soft and harmonic movements, avoiding sudden changes of rhythm and
loss of contact, inducing a certain degree of muscle relaxation and helping the person to recover or maintain the balance swayed by the music.


  • Helps to maintain mental and physical balance.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress. The different practices of this massage through contact, are aimed at promoting a state of calm.
  • Promotes awareness of our body.
  • Improves the state of mind.
  • Improves the breathing process. During the whole massage, breathing is fundamental, carried out from the diaphragm, to improve the anxiety and to recover the balance.

* Note: Any problem or contraindication please consult me.

This service doesn´t imply any sexual relationship between massageur and client.

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