In memory of the ancient geishas and, saving the distances, this is a meeting of good conversation and enjoyment of the day to day. Of mutual care.

The escort can include from going to the beach, to the mountain, dinners, walks, trips… and what you want to do in a nice and pleasant company. With no other intention than to be.

“Enjoy, feel, cherish every moment because it won’t become
to repeat. Give thanks, learn and fill your heart because in this way, your spirit, your
body, your mind will be ready to go, without regret, without guilt.”

Thank you, Davi.


Usually these sessions are requested after a second or third meeting, when you feel comfortable.

It is a work space with multiple possibilities related to pleasure, encounter and experimentation without judgment.

"To suffering, do not add suffering. Let pleasure not be the bait that makes us swallow the hook. Don't be in the judging, but in the understanding. Be not in the giving or taking, but in the being."

El Faquir

This service doesn´t imply any sexual relationship between massageur and client.

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