Erotic dance



I have two proposals for you:

Active proposal: We share dances and caresses before
final part of the massage. Know your body through the movements, listen to the center. Make the vibration expand.

You need to bring comfortable clothes and I invite you to bring your own music.

Passive proposal: Private dance before the massage. The proposal is the stimulation of the senses through sight, especially for people who like to watch.

I am the excuse. The guide is the music and the meeting is with you.


  • Helps to maintain mental and physical balance.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress. The different practices of this massage through contact, are aimed at promoting a state of calm.
  • Promotes awareness of our body.
  • Improves the state of mind.
  • Improves the breathing process. During the whole massage, breathing is fundamental, carried out from the diaphragm, to improve the anxiety and to recover the balance.

* Note: Any problem or contraindication please consult me.

This service doesn´t imply any sexual relationship between massageur and client.

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