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Thanks for visiting the Cookie Policy (no, we’re not going to talk about how good my gingerbread cookies are here). Here’s all the information you need to know about it. Yes, this is very boring, but I encourage you to read it because this way our relationship will always be transparent and based on mutual trust and respect.

If you accept my Cookie Policy, it means that I have informed you clearly and completely about the use of data storage and recovery devices (cookies) on my website.

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What are cookies, Amayu?
A cookie is a device that the server of my web sites sends to the browser of the terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) from which you connect, with the purpose of storing information about the navigation that is carried out from that computer, which can, if necessary, be recovered later. Here I leave you a super clear infographic that explains what cookies are if you want to continue reading:

What cookies do you use on your website?
I use three types of cookies:

Own ones:

Session cookies, which are necessary for the correct use of the website (they remember language or country options or how often someone has visited my page).
Technical cookies, which store generic and anonymous information that does not include personal data and whose purpose is to ensure the operation of the website and finally.
Registration cookies, which are created when you register on my website.
From third parties:

Analytical cookies: the information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of my pages. I do this through Google Analitycs (read their Privacy Policy here, WordPress Stats (More information on the following links and and Facebook Custom Audience and Pixel Read more about their Privacy Policy here
I want to block or disable cookies, how do I do that?
You can manage the use of cookies according to your browser. Here are the corresponding links so that you know how you can do this:


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